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Uneasy Riders is our tale from the future, UK in 2036, and Prime Minister Clarkson has banned all cycling. But a determined band still flits amongst the shadows, defying the law. However the Department for Transportation Policy has a plan to infiltrate this band.

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"Callum? It's Callidon, are you able to talk?" I looked around. BROOKS and I had slunk to one side behind a big tree while the rest of the group impatiently waited for it to be late enough to head to Marcus's flat and see Sheldon.

"Yes, I think so," I replied. I was sitting staring into the eyes of BROOKS, a small projection of Callidon popping up in front of me with a wire running from BROOKS' ear to mine so I could hear.

"Right, good. This Sheldon character. This is big Callum. If we can eliminate Sheldon then we can strike at the very heart of the the cycle insurgency."

"He's that important?"

"Yes, why on earth do you think I'd be calling you??!?"

"Right, yes, of course sir. Sorry."

"This! This is your moment Callum!" These were words that I'm sure were intended to act as a rallying call for me to spring into action. The intention missed its mark as I listened to the further instruction. "We can kill two birds with one stone," I had a feeling the word 'kill' wasn't simply a figure of speech, "And of course I mean that literally, haha!" yep, there we go, "You, Callum are to kill Sheldon. BROOKS will apprehend you, and remove you from the property, thereby gaining the trust of the rest of the group and achieving full integration. Weeks ahead of schedule! This will look very good on your annual review Callum."

"Thank you sir. To be given this opportunity is very.... very...."


"Empowering sir..."

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