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But now it's time for this month's answers...

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What is the best non-cycling exercise for a cyclist?
Martin, Edinburgh

Once again I am presented with a question in which there is entirely insufficient information to formulate an accurate answer. One might as well ask how long is a piece of string. The "best" exercise for a cyclist, other than cycling, is whatever exercise achieves that particular cyclist's goals.

A track sprinter may wish to augment his power with a conditioning weights regime. A triathlete will obviously be adding running and swimming to her exercise programme. You could consider yoga for flexibility or Pilates for core strength. British Military Fitness offers an all-round exercise programme in what I understand to be a friendly, sociable, albeit muddy setting. Orienteering would encourage development of navigational skills and introduce an element of competition.

While there is no single best non-cycling exercise for a cyclist, I would advise anyone interested in expanding their fitness programme to add weight-bearing exercise for skeletal strength, core fitness work to improve biomechanical stability and stretching to prevent injuries.

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