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No list such as this would be complete without a dip into the Rapha catalogue of wonders, a true purveyor of marmite-tendencies. Love or hate, it may be a cliché, but you can't ignore it. Although I have to say I was disappointingly surprised to find that the prices weren't quite as eye-watering as I may have first thought.

But even so, £400 for a softshell seems a little... extravagant...

Click here if you've got some spare change in your wallet.

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.bell .minoura titanium racing bell

A bell? How can a bell appear in the list? Well just look at it. The streamlined shape for increased aerodynamic ability, the pinger hiding behind the body, the titanium construction... And yours for £34. Okay, so it's not really that expensive, but... It's a bell!

Click here to see more.

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.birk .birkenstock velomobile

A snip at £22,500!

Seriously, more than 20 grand on a bike... Well... A 'velomobile'. Although it is a convertible, for those lovely summer days (well, would you take something that cost that much out in the rain?) and convertibles are always more expensive...

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