It is perhaps a sign of the increasing popularity of cycling that items connected to it move out of being expensive because they operate in a 'small numbers niche', and start to become expensive because they become desirable objects in their own right. It's at this point you start to see 'deisgners' enter the mix in place of more traditional cycle suppliers - looking to put their own particular twist on some simple and classic. And the price continues to rise. Some manufacturers respond by declaring themselves cycle-specific and so knowledgeable on the area - this expertise, of course, costs.

So if you have a cyclist in your life who quite simply has everything, just how can you go that extra mile? Here are just a few ideas...

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.shadow .quarterre

Describing themselves as 'first and foremost a London-based, multi-disciplinary design agency' Quarterre have three, admittedly stylish, home bike storage solutions for your delectation, from the minimalist wheelbender stand, the Shadow, which is yours for a mere £350, to £900 for the Branchline which rests against your wall to hold two bikes.

Of the Shadow they say, "Shadow is perhaps our purest piece of bike furniture, representing a simple solution to a complex problem.

The freestanding, cantilevered form needs no mounting and can accommodate most wheel sizes. Crafted in steel, it is finished with leather trim for hanging a helmet and a high friction base to aid bike stability.

As with all our products it is available in a variety of colours and finishes, specially chosen to provide a balanced accent to any living space."

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