Hello again. Seems like a long time since we last chatted, and with good reason. Our apologies for the month's hiatus in citycycling comes courtesy of a HUGE spam attack on the site, which appears to have been based around an attempted hacking into/fraud on my own personal Paypal account. Emails were completely hamstrung with hundreds of thousands coming in every couple of days, and when you're running an electronic publication this gets pretty important.

But. We've passed a broom around, changed a few security things, and we're almost firing on all cogs again.

It all reminded me of that oft-misquoted speech of Winston Churchill, who was a very keen cyclist back in the days. "We shall fight them on the cyclepaths; we shall fight them in the ASLs; we shall fight them on the junctions and in the streets...."

Yes. A great big 'V' to all spammers out there.

(Added a few days later) Then, my wife went and broke her leg in an innocuous fall walking along a river the weekend before this was going online. 6 weeks in plaster meant taking over gopher duties, and no spare time for citycycling business. It never rains etc etc etc. So anyway, I'm now writing this with the mudguards on and hoping things don't really come in threes....


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