It would appear that cyclists are revolting... All over the UK. To politicians and the general public.

It would be easy to look on recent demonstrations about cycling, such as the London Flashride, or the Stop Climate Chaos congregation in Edinburgh, as offshoots of wider movements spurred by the big Times CycleSafe campaign. But in reality things have been building to this moment for some time, and it's more of a surprise that we have got to this stage without it happening sooner.

We haven't been like truckers blockading oil refineries; or anti-war marchers taking over the streets; or be-tented anti-capitalists making a strong statement against wealth inequality. We've put up with things. We've let the killing go on. We've accepted awful non-attempts at cycling provision backed up by hollow vote-for-me words. But not any more.

The tipping point appears to have been reached, and citycycling is getting behind the latest organised protest which is scheduled for 28th April, the Pedal to Parliament ride, focussing on Holyrood in Edinburgh. It's early days, but Dave Brennan (who many may know as Magnatom of cycle-helmetcam fame) has succeeded in bringing together a diverse range of people, from local campaign group Spokes to the national Cycle Embassy; from esteemed online cycling publications to proponents of cycle chic-ness. All with one thing in mind, to get the voices of cyclists heard above the din of the internal combustion engine.

And don't think this is a protest ride only for those in Edinburgh. People are travelling for this. To make a statement, and we'd urge anyone around the country and beyond to think about a nice long weekend in this tourism centre to come along and help us make the point.

We'll be posting more information in the next issue, but in the meantime watch our site for news on the latest developments. We'll be trying to keep you updated through our Twitter and Facebook feeds as well.

Let's be revolting together!

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