I didn't have a clue what they were going on about, but out of the corner of my eye saw BROOKS tap his left temple. He was recording everything that was going on. I tried to think. Sheldon? Who was Sheldon? And from somewhere at the back of my mind I started to drag out the memory of a briefing back at the Ministry. Sheldon! The most wanted cyclist in the country! A man so dangerous the police had issued a 'run over at all costs' order to the general public! Rumours were that he had indeed left the country and was evangelising in the Republic of Portland.

Was he really back in the country? BROOKS tapped his right temple, tweaked his left nipple and placed his pinky in his left nostril. Recording wasn't enough, he was going for direct satellite transmission.

Marcus arrived at the group, astride a strange small-wheeled contraption. I was astonished when he jumped off and the rear wheel flipped underneath. He left the 'bike' standing there on its own, looking broken. These cyclists were bonkers. He was out of breath, spotted me and BROOKS and dropped his voice to speak to Lyn, eyes always on the two of that he'd never seen before. There was something strangely familiar about him as he stared straight into me, but his eyes softened and the excited group around him could receive the news.


"It's Sheldon. He's back. Came in on a freight ship last night disguised as a forklift truck operator. The Bakfiets only need a few mods to carry it off."

"So why is he back? Where is he?"

Another glance at me. "He's... In a safe house."

"Your flat?"

"Yes. Yes. He's in my flat. Wants us all to go round tomorrow night, says he has some news, and wants us to be ready for action."

This was all happening faster than I would have liked. I was supposed to plant BROOKS into the group, then leave him to gather data before eliminating the cyclists. I had a feeling that the return of 'Sheldon' was going to change the outlook somehow.

BROOKS withdrew his finger and his eye winked. He didn't wink, his eye winked, a brief flash. There was a message from the Ministry I had to pick up. I had a bad feeling about this.

.to be continued

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