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Uneasy Riders is our tale from the future, UK in 2036, and Prime Minister Clarkson has banned all cycling. But a determined band still flits amongst the shadows, defying the law. However the Department for Transportation Policy has a plan to infiltrate this band. BROOKS has just made contact. But where's Callum?

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The view was astounding, I hadn't seen anything like it since I was a kid. My legs still ached; my breathing was still short; but I had a strange feeling welling inside. I couldn't quite put my finger on it. Achievement? Verging on exhiliration? And... I was smiling. I couldn't stop it. But the revelrie came to a swift stop. A shout behind us and I saw the faces tense up around me, those feet cocked onto the pedals once more, the stance of people who were ready to flee at any given moment. Lyn was the first to relax.

"It's Marcus, what on earth is he shouting about?"

"I can't make it out. 'Well done' I think? What's he one about, we always ride up here..."

Years of listening to politicians mumble in order to obscure the meaning from what they were saying had given me the necessary training to discern what the group was trying to make out.

"Sheldon," I said, "He's saying 'Sheldon', not well done. I've got no idea what that means."

But the faces around me were bright.


"Sheldon's back!"

"He can't be..."

"How long is it? Must be... two? Three years?"

"How did he get back into the country?"

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