I have to admit, when it comes to winter riding, that I've always been one for being as visible as possible. This doesn't really mean LOTS of lights, but rather good lights. So up front there is a Hope Vision One, backed up by a flashing Cateye of some description; on the back a Mars 3.0 is paired up with a Cherry Bomb. And that, together with some reflective strips, I was happy with. Until, that is, I saw the Monkeylight. A panel with 16 LEDS on each side, that cycles through various different designs that show up to the naked eye from about 8mph.Or as one rider put it to me, "It's like chasing down a Christmas tree." Another simply commented "Wow" as I rode past. Nuff said. I love it, and I've certain it has been getting me more space from passing motorists. Job done.

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