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Wheely tasty stuff? What sort of a pun is that? Ah well, you'll have to forgive me, for I am in a state of cake. Cycling and cake. Perfect bedfellows. Well if you've worked off the calories then you might as well replace them. That's one of my theories on life, and is one sadly lacking selling-point of cycling. A moment on the lips... Nope. That's it. Hips need not worry. The eat/ride symbiosis. It's nice to know I'm not alone in this thought-process, and so not-alone that one enterprising véloist has seen the gap in the market, and squirted in some custard. Pâtisserie Cyclisme is (as you'll see if you click here) serves to sate the hunger of the British, European and, indeed, international, cyclist by bringing together a depository of café reviews and reports. Those places at which the humble cyclist can find a warm welcome and flapjack revival; contrasted with a response akin to a stranger walking into a wild west saloon and fare that would have even Oliver declaring, "Actually, y'know what, I think I've probably had enough".

The site is thus far in its infancy, a soufflé yet to rise if you like; a flan not yet set; a muffin not... yet... muffiny... But strides are being made to populate the pages for different areas of the UK, and the only way it will grow is if you (yes, you!) get involved - which I'd personally urge you to do as I like to know where is worthwhile to stop.

It's true that some cycling sites come and go (it's easy to say when this site has been going for something like 723 years now); but here is one that deserves to survive simply by virtue of the seemingly frivolous, seemingly non-cycling, but utterly practical and delicious nature of the enterprise. Here is an idea that someone who understands cycling and cyclists has come up with. I can see her getting that spark, while sitting over a coconut slice and cup of coffee, realising that there was no way until entering that café that she could have known if it was going to be agood or bad experience. Other sites try to be worthy, try to be important, try to preach or convert or complain or (we're straying into pot/kettle/black territory here) think they know best. Pâtisserie Cyclisme simply understands, and presents what we want to know. With a cherry on top.

Oh, and just an aside, congrats to Miss Pâtisserie Cyclisme becoming Mrs Pâtisserie Cyclisme around the time this goes online.

* * *

You can read the reviews, and submit your own, to help build this invaluable resource (trust me, cake is more important than knowing where you can buy a spare innertube - let me put it this way, it's pouring with rain, would you rather be fixing that puncture or eating a cream bun?) then you can click here to visit the site.

Pâtisserie Cyclisme can also be found on Twitter: @PatisserieCyc

And now, if you click on to the next page, you'll find one of my favourite cycling fuel cake recipes.
Destined to become a modern classic to rival the flapjack - chocolate and cherry brownies.
Excuse me a moment, I'm suddenly starving....

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