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If you've clicked through to this page expecting to see rules such as 'wear a helmet', 'never go up the inside of a left turning lorry' or 'plastic bags inside your shoes can be great for cold feet while cycling', then you've not been reading citycycling very long. Although, seriously, don't ride up the inside of left turning lorries.

No. This started as an idea of what other people, non-cyclists, think are the golden rules of cycling, as well as how they stack up against the rules that everyone else on the road is allowed to live by. Are there some hypocritical stances taken here? Oh you bet there are!

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.speed.speed differential

Remember that if you speed in a car it's seen as okay because everyone else does it because it's a silly rule; if you ride through a red light on a bike it's bad because all cyclists do it as if the rules don't apply to them. It is also the case that on a bike to pedestrians a cyclist is 'whizzing' by or speeding; while to the car behind that very same cyclist is 'crawling'.

Conversely, if a driver is aiming for a junction ahead on the left and cuts up a cyclist in so aiming then it is a legitimate excuse to mention that the cyclist was going 'too fast'. The cyclist will not have been breaking the speed limit, as every driver knows that that is impossible, but they were going too fast all the same.

Finally, always remember that if you are travelling somewhere close to the speed limit, the car behind is entitled to overtake, breaking the actual speed limit, because there must be something wrong with his speedo as a bike can't possibly go that quickly.

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