I was almost knocked over by a cyclist running a red light speeding
on the pavement without any lights on last night. I could have been KILLED,
just how many people do cyclists kill every year and get away with it?
They don't even pay tax! Next time I'll give him a good kicking and put a stick
through his spokes. He wasn't even wearing a helmet.


They're all just too poor to afford cars and wear sandals and read the Guardian
and are vegetarian. Stupid lycra was really offensive, why can't they dress properly?
I was held up by one going 2mph the other day, he was weaving about in the middle of the lane,
I only just managed to get past him but it was really dangerous for him to be there and force
me to overtake in the face of oncoming traffic with parked cars on the street and speed
bumps and small puppies running out into the road. I don't know why I bother with this council
being so anti-car and creating traffic where it wasn't before, it's all a


Petrol should be cheaper, it's only so expensive because the government gives in
to whingeing environmentalists. I call them environ-mentalists. The cycling lobby is
too strong, something needs to be done about it to make the roads safer for people
to go about quickly, which we could do if those stupid 20mph zones were axed I
drive at 40 on that road and it's perfectly safe if
the kids that live around there would stay off it.


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