When Stephen Doran (@stepdoran) pointed us in the direction of Bikeyface (click here) there was a certain sense of 'another bike blog'. Please don't make the same mistake, because as soon as we delved into the pages we just had to know more. Fortunately Bikeyface herself was more than accommodating with our queries.
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.why did you start Bikeyface?

At the very beginning it was just a personal bike blog I started on a whim… no cartoons, just words… and perhaps under the influence of a little wine. It was very ill advised and I expected to abandon it after maybe 3 posts. I have a lot of ideas, but not enough time which tends to result in a trail of unfinished projects. But what drove me to start a blog is that I’m very passionate about biking but only knew a handful of other people who bike commuted (most of whom I won over.) So I wanted to find others who shared my passion for bikes and were as obsessed as me. I didn’t necessarily think the blog was the best way to do that, it was just one of several approaches at the time. I started it on a local community bike blog site knowing that there was potential.

.where do you ride?

Except to a few places in walking distance I ride everywhere - work, concerts, dinners, art galleries, museums, shopping, business meetings, farm stands in the suburbs, to see family. I have about a 25 mile radius and I bike about 60-130 miles per week depending on what I have going on. I can get to everything I need in the city faster and easier than taking public transit or driving.

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