You can tell Christmas is coming... But when we were sent the press release for this books there really was something different about it that made us think it might be the perfect present for the bike-lover in your life (which may be yourself, we're not going to judge). Think of Rouleur, but more homemade than Rapha; Mercian, but more underground than Paul Smith; hipster without the pretension. Maybe.

Basically, "With “BIKE ART – bicycles in art around the world”, author Kiriakos Iosifidis welcomes you to a panorama of all kinds of works that are inspired by the bicycle. It is a collection of colourful bicycle graffiti, paintings, remarkable bicycle designs, complex constructions, and various types of bicycles one can find on the streets around the world. More than 250 international artists, illustrators, painters, sculptors, industrial designers, photographers, and organizations present their works of art and give us insight into their personal views and relations to these charming two-wheeled vehicles." Sound good?


There are photos of bikes and tattoos and saddles and graffiti; paintings of... bikes. And cyclists. Cartoons and words. Concept bikes and third-world-working-bikes. All bound in a hardcover that screams out 'put me on the coffee table'. Kiriakos Iosifidis, for he is the author, has put something special together here. Whoch would, I'm sure, happily find a place under anyone's tree. The biggest problem would be trying to flick through it all in one go, because I reckon anyone will just want to get out on a bike and read after a few pages.

You can buy the book from Amazon here and find out more about the book itself clicking here.

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