.uneasy riders

Uneasy Riders is our tale from the future, UK in 2036, and Prime Minister Clarkson has banned all cycling. But a determined band still flits amongst the shadows, defying the law. However the Department for Transportation Policy has a plan to infiltrate this band. BROOKS has just made contact. But where's Callum?

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* * *

.one month earlier

It's all flooding back. My dad running behind me, holding the saddle, except I hadn't realised he had actually let go a few feet earlier. That moment of exhilaration when I realised his voice was getting fainter; then the moment of panic as I headed towards a brick wall and had not yet been taught how to steer or use the brakes. The wall was effective. Except now there is a white-coated scientist, part of the crack government team set up to learn how bicycles work, and he's swearing because the chain has left some oil on his white coat.

It was just a year after I first discovered cycling that it was banned by Prime Minister Clarkson. A year in which I now realise I was... Happy. I've put it down to being young and naive. It can't have been the cycling.

Stop smiling you fool, they'll take you off the project if it looks like you're enjoying yourself.


* * *


"So what are we going to do? Any plans?" Subtlety wasn't necessarily my strong point, but to be honest I wasn't entirely comfortable with playing this clandestine role of introducing BROOKS into the group, and the quicker I could get some information out to report back to Callidon Murcar, and leave BROOKS to the final act the better.

"I was thinking we could just head up Carlson Hill, what do you guys think?" Clem, Em and Jem nodded, pulling perfectly synchronised endos to give added effect.

"I ride hill," BROOKS added.


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