Grant Mason, from the Three from Leith podcast, is back! Our insight into music and cycling crossover (beyond Queen's 'I Want to Ride My Bicycle') can re-start. And there's a cracker here to listen to.

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“Don't you see? This is just an endless ride!” Ah, yes – the dream of many a cyclist; the day the perfect ride just goes on forever. Bliss. And this phrase in the opening lines of Airbag's “All Rights Removed” just seemed so apt a few weeks ago during our scorching Indian Summer, when a ride that would stretch out on an unending road into the sun would have been perfect.

As it was, I only had one full day off so I pumped up the tyres on my fixie and took it out for its first ride in a year (yes, yes – I know – it's shameful!). After meandering along the paths and through some backstreets along the shoreline, I ended up on the pedestrian & cycling-friendly Silverknowes to Cramond Esplanade – part of NCR 1. This was another first for me – it's a route I've never thought to take before, and I wish I'd discovered it years ago. It was just fabulous for a slow, steady cadence at just above walking speed, taking in the sea air, smiling at the mums, dads, kids, pensioners and dogs who couldn't believe their luck at our sudden climb into Mediterranean temperatures.

It takes a long time away from riding fixed gear for you to appreciate just how wonderful it is to adapt to a smooth, steady pedalling style and how damn QUIET the bike is. There's no chain chattering away as it loops back and forward through the derailleur cage, and no clicking & ticking from the pawls inside the freewheel hub. It would verge on the soporific if you weren't keeping your eyes and ears open and making sure you were aware of everyone meandering around you.

As I cycled, and became more and more aware of the steady rhythm my legs had settled into as I peddaled along, the more “All Rights Removed” ran through my head. I'd received a promo copy of the album the previous week and the song was obviously lurking at the back of my mind, like an ear-worm waiting for warmth of the sun to wake it.

It just fits for spinning at a steady cadence – give it a listen!

Airbag released their debut album 'Identity' on Karisma Records in April 2009. Hailed as one of the best progressive releases of the year, the album feature scenic, epic rock or, as legendary Classic Rock Magazine said: “This Norwegian five-piece specialize in prog at its most chilled, honeyed and soothing”.

On October 17th Airbag released their new album, 'All Rights Removed'. The new album sees Airbag moving in a more conceptual direction with long, dramatic themes, heavier guitars and stellar keyboards. It has taken the band nearly two years to write, record and produce the album, and the result is a massive sound and great performances.

Until next month – keep the beat!

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