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Not really a 'random' spot this, but more recognition of some great service, with a nice product at the end of it. And it all stems from looking to promote citycycling a bit more actively out in the real world. I've been looking into attending some bike shows, possibly taking a stand, and wanted something with a logo on that didn't look.... cheap.

Logos Promotional Wear were suggested to me by a mutual friend of the owner, Trevor McDevitte, and me. And I'm glad she did. LPW specialise in stitching designs (either your own or from a template) onto almost any garment you can imagine, and the prices are very reasonable. This is starting to sound like a sales pitch, but rest assured there's no kickback for citycycling from this - everything is bought and paid for. The shirt (either a bowling or a darts shirt depending on your view/position relative to the Atlantic) is fun and a little different from promotional t-shirts. The beanie? Well it's warm first and foremost.

You can check out the LPW website here (click); and there's even a Facebook presence (by clicking here).


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Some gems from the Canada Safety Council on traffic calming and its effects on safety (original text here).

"Some parents want to block off streets so their children can play on them. The flaw in this reasoning is that children should not be playing on the street in the first place. Safe play areas away from traffic and easily accessible to local communities are a much better solution. Correct the fallacy, don't legitimize it! If safety is truly the goal, combine public safety education with an infrastructure that respects normal human behaviour."

"Businesses - especially retailers and restaurants - do not want to see their ever-increasing taxes used to prevent customers from reaching them. Efficient traffic flow is critical to the local economy."

"Studies on traffic calming show reductions in traffic volume and speeds plus moderate crash reductions. However, they do not assess to what extent traffic, speeding and collisions were diverted to other residential streets or added to roads already congested. Care must be taken to solve problems, not just shift them."

"Removing lanes and turning the road into an obstacle course creates frustration, leading to dangerous moving violations. Frustrated motorists make dangerous turns or run red lights. Drivers swerve around speed bumps into bicycle lanes to avoid damage to their vehicle."

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