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.velocino.velocino history

While Hitler was busy commissioning a 'car for the masses' that would become the iconic Beetle, his counterpart in Italy, Benito Mussolini, had a slightly more modest, and certainly less-enduring, transport legacy. The Velocino looks something like a back to front mini-penny farthing, and was intended as a bike that was easy to store at home, but also compact enough for public transport. And then the war intervened and, so the story goes, the mechanic who created the design was so devastated at the project being cancelled that he took his own life.

That first design had handlebars that looped under the rider's legs, so steering the bike with the arms dangling by the side. The Abici re-design goes for a more traditional handlebar shape, but retains the quirky look that lead to the original bike information claiming the Velocino was safer and more friendly than a 'standard' bike. Why? Because crashing head-on into a pedestrian there isn't a big front wheel to strike the pedestrian first.

If you're intrigued enough to find out more then the Spanish online store 'experimenta' is selling Velocinos for the princely sum of €559 - click here to visit the store.

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