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Cycling the world as fast as possible has become the new 'in thing'. It's all Mark Beaumont's fault. In 2008 he circumnavigated the planet in 195 days. And if you want to know just how good an effort that was, the previous record was about 90 days longer. The last three years have seem the feat become something of a modern version of the Trans-Atlantic liner races of the 20s and 30s, with the current record held by Vin Cox at 163 days. The 'Global Bike Race' is well and truly with us, with 14 riders striving to be the fastest rider, and Sean Conway is about to take on the challenge.

His site gives some details on just how much of a challenge this is:

  • My legs will do about 7 million rotations each.
  • To break the world record I will need to average at least 112miles for 162 days.
  • I will eat and drink my entire body weight every 2 weeks.
  • On some days I will burn the equivalent of 67 Mars bars worth of calories.
  • I will be creating enough electricity to power a laptop at work for 2 years.
  • I will cycle in four months what the average cycle commuter cycles in 3 years.

That there is a fundraising aspect to the endeavour is probably of no surprise. But Sean is trying to raise a remarkable £100,000 for Solar Aid, a charity that fights poverty through the provision of clean, renewable energy to those who need it.

He leaves on the challenge on 18th February 2012, and is building up to the astonishing mileage needed on a daily basis. An interesting comment is that technically he could ride through Australia and the US and say that he had completed the 'round the world' ride. But that clearly isn't in Sean's nature. Instead all of the continents are being visited (including the necessary antipodes of the globe), with the aim to get back to London in time for the Olympics. And in between time Sean is going to race Vin Cox round the Manchester velodrome track with full touring kit at the first Revolution meet of the season. If that doesn't sound fun then you have no funny bone.

You can find out more on Sean's own site (click here); as well as on Facebook (click); and Twitter (clickety). And there are even YouTube videos (watch here). Oh yes, and if you text 'BIKE91 £10' to 70070 you'll donate... £10... to the cause.

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