.law abiding motorist.otherwise law-abiding motorist n.

For example used in the following type of sentence: "20mph zones just criminlaise oherwise law-abiding motorists."

Used to describe any situation where a ridiculous control is placed on motorised traffic, usually for spurious reasons such as safety, or making an urban environment more pleasant. It recognises that motorists would never break the law if laws weren't put in place and that, much like old dogs, they cannnot adapt to new laws being put in place. Therefore, if a 30mph zone is changed to a 20mph zone a motorist is physically incapable of driving at a slower limit and so but for the change in limit he wouldn't break the law. But because of the change he has to break the law, despite in every other circumstance he doesn't break the law.

See also 'otherwise law-abiding shopper' (who steals Mars Bars, but otherwise does not indulge in shoplifting); and 'otherwise law-abiding late night street walker' (who only kills prostitutes with a hammer, but in all other respects is a really nice chap who was lovely to live next door to).

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.lobby.cycling lobby n.

A group of people whose sole aim is the wanton destruction of motor vehicles, their right to enter cities, and therefore the gradual strangling of commerce in that city to the point that civilisation descends into an anarchic post-apocalyptic future where no shops can ever sell anything to anyone because they are unable to get their purchases home.

The cycling lobby carries political weight disproportionate to its position as representative of a minority activity. Its aims are misguided, based on lies about the environment and global warming and a hatred of anything with an internal combustion engine. It has succeeded in turning every city in the UK into no-go areas for cars, taken over completely by only people on bikes, who have been given vast swathes of available road to effortlessly glide through those cities without being stopped by the police for going through red lights.

For further reading see any local newspaper website comments page.

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