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I love it when I stumble upon a little gem of a cycling site. They don't tend to be the sites that absolutely everyone knows about; they don't even have to be particular well-designed; or have much information. They just are. And Big Ring Riding most certainly just is.

I owe a debt of gratitude to Ian Nutt for pointing me in the direction of this particular delight. Though he would have been to blame if I'd got citycycling out late, because I found myself clicking from page to page with the promise of a wannabe-ex-chain-smoker with poor willpower - just. one. more. You see Big Ring Riding is a simple beast. It's pictures. Of cyclists. Being tough.


Now this in itself would make for a great site, although only if the images are compelling enough. But whoever runs Big Ring (for it appears to be pretty anonymous) goes that extra mile with straightforward commentary on the images. You'll either tune into the humour; or find yourself staring puzzled at the screen.

You can find out which camp you're in by clicking here to pay a visit. Best avoided if you don't like swearing mind you...

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