You know that moment where you've anticipated the onset of summer a little too early and, despite it looking grey and heavy outside, you have dispensed with the waterproof jacket and the full-fingered gloves, expecting the only cooling to be the onrushing wind you create through forward momentum cooling the light perspiration on your forehead? It appears I was too optimistic.

Drowned rat would be an adequate description. Partially frozen rat as well. And when it started to snow into the bargain April was just taking the mickey by that point.

And yet, I was still smiling. These bike contraptions are remarkable things. You can put yourself through hell on them, and still you find yourself appreciating those lumps of metal mounted atop two wheels. How does that work?

Actually, y'know what, as long as it continues to lift my mood, no matter what the weather or the city can throw at us, I'm not that bothered about knowing. Although I would quite like it if I could finally, properly, put away that waterproof jacket...

Anyway, today I tightened my brakes on getting to work this morning, except it would appear I was over-enthusiastic on the front brake, and it was rubbing a little, and I was riding home into a headwind. Which means the guy on the carbon bike who left work at the same time as me, without any luggage (me with camera bag, Brooks tool roll, and Carradice saddlebag), and lycra'd up, really could have taken a turn on the front as we pounded along for the first mile before he turned off (presumably to meet his riding buddy).

After that mile, as we sat at lights, I made sure I gave the front wheel a spin and looked quizzically (a couple of times to make sure) as it stopped against the rubbing pad. Take that lycra boy!

Welcome to issue 10.


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