What a glorious ride to work
An unexpected tailwind
Bringing that grin
The cyclist's knowing smile
Not conscious of it, nor
While passing the static motorised queues
That at home I've left my shoes


A relaxed ride out from home
The sun beating down
Striking out the morning frown
Just listening to the birds
And the freewheel as it clicks
No words as to 9 move all the clocks
And I realise I don't have clean socks


A stimulating ride to the office
Into a slight breeze
Feeling cheeks freeze
Under stinging drops of rain
But looking forward to coffee,
No pain, and no hurt
Unaware that my bag has no shirt


A fun ride to open the day
Taking an alternative route
A longer, hillier one to boot
Taking pleasure in heightened heart rate
And each gasping breath
As I wait, for endorphin showers
While on my bed I've forgotten my trousers



I've come to the conclusion
That cycling is a force for good
For body
For spirit
For well-being
But after food for thought
And too many times spent with nought
As underwear
That as this poem is to allegory
So cycling is to my memory

.the end

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