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Ah, remember those halcyon days when you were 16? Well, maybe not this time of the year when exams loomed large. But the summer stretching out ahead of you, not knowing how to fil the days. Not quite so for Holly Bishton, who on completing her GCSEs this year in embarking on a Land's End to John O'Groats ride to raise money for the homeless charity 'Crisis', a charity she feels is particularly deserving, "I feel that especially it today's economic climate, thereare an increasing number of people without homes, jobs or families to support them."

This isn't entirely unknown territory for Holly, who completed the Coast-to-Coast in 2009. It took 2 and a half days for the 13 year old to finish the ride, but 1000 miles is something of a step up, even if she has been cycling for most of her life.

The thought does strike that when most 16 year olds, free of exams, set out into the summer there are somewhat less active plans in mind - so why did Holly decide on the journey? "Because i have got an extra long summer holiday and I thought why not do something worthwhile with the time. I have planned to have finished the ride before everyone else breaks up. I also find it very hard to sit and do nothing." Sounds a good enough reason to us here.

So Holly will be saddling up on her Trek 2.1, and riding with her mum, while her brother and dad follow in a campervan. Fitting in training for the ride, alongside revising for exams, can't be that easy, but Holly appears to take most things in her stride. When we ask what she's more nervous about, the exams or the ride, she admits, "I'm not a nervous person but if I had to chose one it would be the exams. I actually can't wait to start cycling , I'm excited rather than nervous."

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You can donate to Holly's cause by visiting her JustGiving page (click here) or simply by texting BIKE63 followed by the amount to 70070.

For more on Crisis please visit their website here.

From End to Enders: To date the youngest known end to end cyclist is Bow Jango Cann aged seven and nine months who on the 21st July 2002 took the record form his brother Capability Jack Cann aged eight who had earned the title only ten seconds before. They did the trip in 22 days unaided using their own bikes, they rode with their teenage sisters and their parents Jim and Sam.

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